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D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd is the brain child of its founder, Devaraj Narayanan after years of research & development (R&D) in this industry. He has always had immense passion for this industry and hence decided to put together a travel agency that will set itself apart. Together with his dedicated management team, the company carries over 20 years of experience and expertise in hospitality, travel & tourism industry.

The “D&D” in the company name stands for “Dream & Discover”. As a company, we want to provide an exclusive experience for our clients and our pledge is to assist our clients in discovering the vacation of their dreams.

D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd has a registered paid up capital of RM250,000. D&D Signature Vacation is also proudly governed and monitored by the Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia. Currently running with a total of 40+ employees, D&D Signature Vacation is your one stop vacation solution provider for any of your travel needs (Inbound/Outbound/Ticketing)

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The company philosophy has always been to redefine the vacation ownership and hospitality, travel & tourism industry to short term ownership by incorporating the signature qualities, services and hospitality expertise of D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd into our vacation experience that offers memorable ownership to be
the leading global pure-play vacation hub company.

  • We put our members at the center of what we do.
  • We value, challenge and reward our people.
  • We drive excellent sustainable financial performance.
  • We work with honesty, integrity and professionalism.


Our job is your vacation and being a global leader
in vacation signature brands, our vision gives a sense of direction and destination. It captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we do. It is the basis for what we all stand for as one company. Our vision and values guide the choices and decisions our employees make everyday.
Excellence is our passion.


Dream of it, Talk about it, Plan for it, Work on it Get it with D&D Signature Vacation, Let’s take off with D&D!


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Board of Director



Devaraj Narayanan has a 20 years vast experience in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Timeshare Industry and is the Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd. He has received numerous testimonials from members, clients and collaboration partners on his excellent customer service skills. He has expertise in all aspects of sales and marketing including managing, planning, strategizing, implementing, and executing. He also graduated from the Business Hospitality & Tourism faculty before pursuing his career path in the hospitality, travel & tourism and timeshare industry which has given him a solid foundation to grow, perform and excel in all his undertakings and career.

With 20 years of working experiences in various reputable hotels, vacation club/timeshare and tourism companies later pushed him to start his own business venture with “D&D
Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd”, which is registered and monitored by MOTAC (Ministry of Tourism Art & Culture). He has also developed his own product called “D&D Signature
Reward”, a vacation platform that services an unlimited choice of vacation needs for consumers and businesses Domestically & Internationally.

In line of it is overwhelming response, he also developed 2 other products released in 2020 during the pandemic as one of his core reasons to market this product is to help the Tourism & Service Industry in Malaysia and beyond after the devastating impact of the pandemic. “D&D PREMIUM REWARDS” a premium voucher booklet targeted for consumers, corporate organizations/companies and cooperative associations. “D&D LOYALTY REWARDS” a domestic holiday voucher booklet targeted for consumers mainly those B40 categories and average level, corporate organizations/companies and cooperative associations in which both the products are able to save their travel cost from 10% – 40%. This initiative done is to help the Tourism sector to rebuild back our tourism and to bounce back of the Malaysia economy again since D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd is also a key and active player in the tourism sector where we were “ONE” of the main pulse of the country’s economic growth & GDP.

He has also a very bright vision in extending and expanding his current business at D&D Signature Vacation to Training & Development, Digital Marketing , Consultation and Event Management from his 20++ years of experiences in his field of expertise. Since this has been a demand from organization and corporate bodies of his expertise he has also incorporated another company early this year ‘2021’ D&D Signature Consultancy (M) Sdn Bhd  specializing in all the core areas as above mentioned hence this has definitely added value to his portfolio and company as a successful business owner and entrepreneur.



Prakash Narayanan has 19 years of experience in the IT, Corporate Training and Consulting industry. He is reputed to be one of Malaysia’s
premier Microsoft solution architects and works very closely with Microsoft in delivering solutions to their customers.

He founded a consultancy firm in 2004 which attained the Microsoft Silver Partner status. It has since expanded beyond the region and currently has a presence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Prakash leads and directs all product and marketing initiatives
for the solutions offered by the consultancy. His direction and guidance has resulted in a positive sales growth every year.

Prakash’s business acumen is expected to be an advantage and he is keen to replicate his success with D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn. Bhd. His technology solutions expertise is also expected to add a new dimension to the hospitality, travel & tourism industry, thus allowing D&D Signature Vacation to take advantage of Data Analytics to
expand its customer base and improving customer interactions via technology service such as mobile apps. With him on-board as a technology expert for D&D Signature Vacation, the company is
bound to grow and expand its tourism routes via technology.



Karan Gullchand has graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and later went to read law and graduated again in Bachelor of Law (Honours) Degree from the University of

Karan Gullchancl is familiar with all aspects of litigation from documentations to the administration of the legal practice pursuant to
sixteen (16) years of experience in the legal field working in the chambers of Messrs Lachaman Lalchancl & Associates.

Karan Gullchand’s business/legal acumen is expected to be an advantage and he is excited to be given an opportunity to replicate his success with D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn. Bhd. With the vast
legal experience and expertise behind him , he is also expected to acid a new dimension to the vacation industry, allowing D&D Signature Vacation to take advantage of his legal knowledge to ensure the
proper channels and segments are used to ensure the clients receive the best service available.

Karan Gullchand’s experiences have also added value to all legal aspects of the company and business operations of D&D Signature Vacation. He has helped streamline the operations to better suit
the legal environment and needs of today

our achievement

Ease All Traveler

In the couple of years of its inception, D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd has achieved its target in helping over thousands of clients get to their dream holiday destinations. It has been an absolute joy to receive their numerous testimonials and vacation pictures knowing that the company has given the client a memorable experience.

The Best Planner

There had been many clients and business that have gone into long term partnerships with us as we offer a one stop service for all travel needs. Hence, we have helped many destination weddings, destination company holidays take place with ease as we also have our very own in-house event planners to assist our clients with their respective needs.

Tourism Growth

D&D Signature Vacation has also contributed in the growth of inbound tourism to Malaysia in the recent years as it has actively promoted domestic vacation spots to various international partners and clients. As of now, it is actively campaigning for “VISIT MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA” and aims to set and achieve a fairly high target to help boost the tourism economy of the country.

Corporate Partner

Our latest collaboration with AMESU (All Malayan Estates Staff Union) was our greatest achievement in which our 2nd & 3rd line of product created was a hit to most of their families which fall under the B40 categories as we were able to get them to go for domestic holidays tp their much awaited dream holidays in Malaysia whereby the were able to save from 10% - 40% of their travel cost. As such this was a blessings to the company as we were able to create holiday needs for their loved ones. This was our PASSION being in the Travel & Tourism Industry to have all Malaysian regardless of their categories to go holidays in domestic.

Memorable Experience

We aim to only achieve higher from here on and we strive to bring the most exclusive and memorable experiences to our clients.

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