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D&D Signature Vacation (M) Sdn Bhd is your one stop vacation solution platform service provider. Dream of a vacation that is convenient to you anytime with various destinations nationwide and worldwide, be it land or cruise vacation.

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To make this happen, D&D has its very own “Travel &Tours” with travel advisor that will be assigned to each clients to assist with the curating of packages from start to finish. In any case a client needs a ready-made available package, D&D has its very own list of packages as well to choose from.

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However, the ready-made packages will be constantly changed to adapt to different seasons and vacation destinations so that there is always a freshness in the packages offered.

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As a travel agency, D&D Signature Vacation is in the line of Inbound, Outbound & Ticketing to serve various needs of its clients.

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Our tour package includes Local & Oversea with a very low prices.

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